2019 Woodlands Brook Chardonnay



This wine is available for pre-order only, due for delivery in February 2020.

Named after the meandering brook that runs alongside the property, we purchased the Woodlands Brook vineyard in 2008 with the aim to plant more of our beloved grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. We planted Cabernet first, and when the fruit was mature it was blended with the existing Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot to create ‘Clémentine’ - and we’re happy to say that’s been going very well!

Before the Woodlands Brook Cabernet Sauvignon was firmly established - Jaden, Jarrod and the vineyard team began a daring and adventurous proposition – a 7 hectare close - planted plot of selection massale Chardonnay on the south facing slope of Woodlands Brook.

We had always loved Margaret River’s famous Wente (Mendoza) clone of Chardonnay used in our ‘Chloe’, and from 2011 we have been working with another vineyard’s close planted vines. So in 2014 when we decided to take the plunge on a new vineyard - we planted with a close density of 2m between rows and 1.5 metre between vines.

Chardonnay at Woodlands Brook resides on a gentle south facing slope similar to the ‘Chloe’ block at Woodlands - sandy loam over clay soils provides the perfect environment for the vines to flourish. We have now made 2 Chardonnays from Woodlands Brook. The fruit has started to produce wines of delicacy and distinction, with the grace of all great Chardonnays.

Our Woodlands Brook Chardonnay is something very new and exciting for us here at Woodlands. It’s an exploration of Chardonnay singularly grown by us and made by us, and experimental in style. We invite you to join us on this journey – and drink some exiting Chardonnay along the way!

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